Visual Route Optimization

Visual Route Optimization Feature Advantages

  • Reduce travel time
  • Increase route revenue per hour
  • Add jobs into existing routes
  • Compare multiple routes to avoid crossing paths

The most productive route planning considers many factors, including the location of your customers, the service window when your crew member is to be on site, and which workforce member or vehicle is necessary for the job.  Eagle Eye Tracking software, a web-based enterprise fleet management platform, empowered with integrated GPS tracking features, accounts for these factors.

Easily build efficient routes with our Visual Route Optimizer.  Keep your mobile workforce organized, on schedule, and maximize the utilization of your resources with Eagle Eye Tracking’s integrated fleet and field service management software features.

Our Visual Route Optimization feature will assist you in defining territories that are most beneficial for growing your business.  This intuitive tool will allow for the creation of the most efficient routes to leverage maximum utilization of your people and equipment. When routing changes are necessary, and occur, for a single day or every day going forward, route efficiency is maintained.  Therefore, generating maximum route revenue while saving you time and money!

To best meet your client’s needs with your available mobile workforce assets and resources, as well as increase your productivity, asset utilization and route revenue, maximize Eagle Eye’s dynamic job scheduling and route optimizing features!  To learn more, and to take advantage of these beneficial features, contact us now!

Universal Eagle Eye Advantages

Eagle Eye 2.0 is a web based, mobile friendly business enterprise system that integrates job and route scheduling, billing and numerous business reporting processes into a single operating platform.

  • Dynamic customer and job management
  • Drag and drop job scheduling and route building
  • Route dispatch to any smart device with job and driving instructions
  • Integrated GPS auto tracks routes and job productivity
  • Monitor job performance efficiently and accurately
  • Improve equipment utilization
  • Process Gate-to-Gate payroll for improved efficiency
  • Document delivery of services for your customers
  • Provide service verification access portal to select customers
  • Create customizable service proposals and flexible field service reports
  • Improves intra company communication
  • Empowers management for business growth
  • Mobile friendly from anywhere in the world!

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