GPS Integration

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GPS Integration


You may know GPS as the Global Positioning System,
At Eagle Eye it means: Guaranteed Performance Satisfaction®

Eagle Eye 2.0 is a web based, mobile friendly business enterprise system that integrates customer and job files, job and route scheduling, fleet maintenance, data analytics, billing, and numerous other desirable business reporting processes into a single operating platform.

Spending hours on manually inputting job times, managing routes and job schedules and creating reports is now a thing of the past. Use Eagle Eye to auto post job and route times, vehicle usage or driver hours, with simple and intuitive reports.

GPS integration provides unmatched power to Eagle Eye’s ability to track your business operations and optimize fleet management, allowing you to stay up to date with vehicles locations, when jobs are completed, how much time is dedicated to in vehicle activities vs out of vehicle activities and duration of vehicle off route stops. Video replay or static views of vehicle routes, color coded for rates of speed, are included in the   archived record of activity stored for up to a year, providing historical information at the click of a mouse.

In addition, GPS integration with Eagle Eye Tracking gives all the features you would expect from any GPS system including an instant view of which vehicles are in use and which vehicles are available for dispatch, giving you a clear and instant vision of how best to manage your fleet.

Eagle Eye’s GPS integration takes fleet tracking to the next level by leveraging the collected GPS data into specific reports that give you control of your operation and the insight to lower costs. Eagle Eye software does the work for you, lowering administrative costs. No more sorting through documents and data, we make it easier for you to monitor your processes. The accuracy and reliability we provide at your fingertips gives you the power to monitor, improve and grow your business.

With Eagle Eye GPS integration, you can see exactly where your drivers are and who is available for unscheduled service requests. You can adjust routes on the fly and notify drivers instantly, via their mobile devices. GPS integration gives you a clear vision of how best to manage your vehicles, drivers, customers, and jobs.

Basic GPS Integration:

The optional integration of Basic GPS provides reporting features to help you manage your drivers, equipment, billing, jobs and schedules.

  • Instant Locate – Map your equipment’s location in real time.
  • Route & Job Replay – Video or static review of your equipment’s path.
  • Driver Training – Use Route and Job Replay to coach drivers to be more productive.
  • Exception Reports – Daily alerts of driver activities that are unacceptable behaviors regarding; excess speed, excess stop time, excessive or inadequate job times with instant map access locating where the exception occurred.
  • Billing Auto Posting – Automatically posts the appropriate hourly or fixed price charge for the job.
  • Job Performance Reports – Instantly assembles and displays historical job times for any date span to compare estimated on-job times and revenues to actual performance.
  • Service Verification – Seamlessly provides GPS generated job performance verification to your customer displaying service date, arrival and departure times via the Eagle Eye app. .
  • Gate-to-Gate Payroll Reporting – Enables driver payroll reporting through the use of geofences and the GPS timekeeper.

Premium GPS Integration:

The optional integration of Premium GPS provides all the features of Basic GPS plus more!

  • Track Onboard Vehicle Events – Up to six hard wired events can be tracked to help manage driver’s use of your equipment.
  • Expanded Exception Reporting – Daily alerts of driver activities that do not comply with acceptable use regarding onboard events.
  • Gate-to-Gate Payroll Reporting – Expands the ability to determine and document unproductive use of the driver’s time.

Eagle Eye GPS Advantages:

  • Locating your vehicles in real time enhances dispatch.
  • Instantly access historical review of vehicle path.
  • Training and coaching tool to improve driver performance.
  • Enhance your ability to manage more activities with Exception Reporting..
  • Auto post billing reduces time and human errors on invoices.
  • Job and Route Performance Reporting analyzes profitability.
  • Customer Service Verification Portal documents delivery of services.
  • Payroll Reporting reduces overtime and increases productivity.

Browse our GPS Integration video tutorial, and learn more!

With Eagle Eye Tracking, you can monitor and control all aspects of your business at the click of a button. Contact us today to learn more about Eagle Eye Tracking!

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