Features & Benefits

Eagle Eye Tracking Software

Customer Center

Customer Center allows for everything from the creation of your customer and billing information to the scheduling of a single event or automating the process for recurring events.

Job Center

With the job center feature, you will be made aware when an employee is sitting in the driver's seat or not, and can track when sweeping brushes or brooms are up or down.

Route Builder

Interactively re-assign a single job or multiple jobs easily without disrupting future scheduling. Route Builder not only allows dynamic interactive changes, but it takes misfortunes from chaos to calm.

Route Record

With an overview of each route and job event, start & end times, service description, total event time, and invoice amount, easily record what’s important.

Billing Export

With the built in flexibility, it efficiently allows billing to be exported to your QuickBooks, or any other of your book keeping systems.

GPS Integration

Color coded rates of speed and a stored record of activity for up to a year provides historical information at the click of a mouse.

Real Time Monitoring

Stay up to date with your vehicle's locations, when jobs are completed, and how much time is dedicated to in vehicle activities vs out of vehicle activities..

Performance Reports

Performance Reports provide operations managers a fleet management tool with vital analysis to adjust for and maximize job performance efficiency.


Tracking and reporting for Municipality street sweeping operations and fleet management. Gauge utilization of equipment and productivity.

Visual Route Optimizer

Create the most efficient routes to leverage maximum utilization of your people and equipment.  Compare multiple routes to avoid crossing paths, reduce travel time, and increase route revenue per hour.

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